MSM Health Framework

The challenge of HIV/AIDS confronts all countries and communities globally. and whilst the countries of Africa are confronted with increasing numbers that are dying from AIDS, the countries of South Asia (as well as other Asian countries) stand before the abyss of an uncontrollable epidemic.


It is clear that Government, non-government, and community-based agencies, as well as many other institutions, must work together to face this challenge if there is to be any hope of effective strategies to control and manage HIV transmission so as to reduce the levels and rates of infection and thus AIDS.


Naz Foundation International, working with networks and groups of males who have sex with males in a number of cities in South Asia has developed a process for enabling such males to form their own HIV/AIDS prevention service agencies. A process of community-building and mobilising empowering males who have sex with males towards providing and managing their own sexual health services.

Health Concerns and NFI