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Naz Foundation International (NFI) is an international MSM development agency that has been providing technical, institutional and financial assistance to MSM networks, groups, collectives and organisations in South Asia since 1996, along with some countries in South-East Asia . Along with NFI seeking to empower these groups and organisations so that they may develop and deliver their own sexual health and HIV prevention, support and care services, we also strongly advocate with donors, governments and non-government institutions for the urgent need to increase investment and rapid scaling up of service coverage, along with working with a number of institutions on policy development and support for research into male-male sexualities, behaviours and HIV epidemiology.


Whilst NFI is registered in the UK as a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation and has a small governance, policy and management office and it has established a regional programme office in Lucknow, India.


Concern, Commitment and Cooperation

We work and advocate in the countries of South Asia and internationally to ensure that issues of masculinities, sexualities and all types of sexual practices, with social justice and human rights concerns that arise from them are appropriately and adequately addressed in the provision of HIV/AIDS and sexual health services.


Provides technical assistance programmes to empower and support local MSM networks to develop their own sexual health programmes through training, resources, and institutional development.

the Centre provides a
range of training programmes on issues relevant to MSM sexual health concerns, as well as a growing library on masculinities, male sexualities, gender and sexual health issues.

NFI has also developed a Regional MSM Trainers and Consultants Network to provide local technical assistance support to MSM sexual health projects


Working with donors, international, national and local government and nongovernment institutions and agencies to advocate on MSM sexual health and human rights concerns. particularly in regard to those who are socially excluded and stigmatized.


NFI and Global Approch

providing technical, financial and institutional support to MSM collectivities,
groups, and networks in Asia to empower them to develop and promote their own sexual health services


We believe in a world where all people can live with dignity, social justice and well being. To identify and leverage appropriate funds, resources and technical
assistance to support the above activities.


With a primary focus on marginalised males who have sex with males, our mission is to empower socially excluded and stigmatised males to secure for themselves social justice, equity, health and well-being through technical, financial and institutional support.


We strongly believe in the innate capacity of local MSM collectivities, groups and networks to develop their own sexual health services through self-help organizing and community-building. We will always support such initiatives through technical assistance and capacity building programme


To empower low-income MSM collectivities, groups and networks through technical, financial and institutional support to develop and deliver self-help sexual health programmes addressing their needs.

NFI and Global Actions

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December 1993

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March 1998

Legal Formation of NGO

January 2005

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March 2010

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January 2018



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