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An International initiative by NFI for Marginalized Males

Technical Assistance and Support

Our organization is committed to promoting the growth and leadership of community-based organizations that serve males who engage in sexual activities with other males (MSM). We provide support and resources to enable these organizations to effectively implement their programs and initiatives.

Knowledge Generation and Management

We are dedicated to establishing a robust evidence base that can inform effective HIV and AIDS interventions for MSM. To this end, we have created both a physical and digital library of resources that contain a wide range of pertinent information and research.

Policy and Advocacy

Our organization is actively engaged in advocating for appropriate HIV and AIDS services for MSM at international, regional, national, and local levels. We work tirelessly to promote policies and practices that address the unique needs and challenges faced by MSM communities. Through advocacy efforts, we aim to ensure that MSM have access to comprehensive and inclusive HIV and AIDS services, including prevention, testing, treatment, care, and support.

Bringing Action to the Society

WHY NFI is Committed Towards Male Health?

The core programme of the Naz Foundation International (NFI) encompasses the development, management, monitoring and evaluation of a range of HIV and AIDS and related activities for males who have sex with males in South and South-East Asia and other working class population. This development work happens on a number of levels:

Respect of Choice

Community & Society

Public Health Perceptive

A Better Society For Better Tommorrow.

Supporting NFI's work with MSM, to reduce their risk and vulnerability to HIV, and supporting MSM living with HIV.

Background Papers

HIV expenditure on MSM programming in Asia-Pacific region..

Country Reports

Detailed Reports of initiatives running across the globe

Plenary Presentations

About behavior and risk involved in MSM and TG

Islamic Texts

Islamic Texts: A course for acceptance of queer individuals into mainstream Muslim society

In the beginning of 2010 I was approached by Equal Rights Trust to write an article on homosexuality and Islam with the aim of bringing out the alternative interpretations of homosexuality in Islam and to put into perspective some of the Quranic verses and Hadith that is often quoted to condemn non-heterosexuals. The article makes a theological argument and it provides simple explanations on some of the Islamic texts that seem to be speaking of homosexuality... read more.

Know more about NFI

This regional consultation brought together 380 governments, policy-makers, donors, researchers, grassroots and community based organisations from 22 countries across the Asia-Pacific region providing a space for dialogue, learning, networking, and skills building, towards enabling the expansion, strengthening and scaling up of strategies addressing sexual health and related HIV vulnerabilities in relation to males who have sex with males and transgender people. In addition, the consultation provided an opportunity to inform and develop strategic advocacy initiatives and deliberate on key policies related to these issues.

What is MSM ?

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The Naz Foundation International (NFI) focuses its core program on the facilitation of various HIV and AIDS-related initiatives, including the development, management, monitoring, and evaluation of projects aimed at males who engage in sexual activities with other males in South and South-East Asia, as well as other working-class populations. These developmental efforts are executed across multiple tiers.

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